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Henry Waterloo Lockey

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Born in Wolsingham in 1893, he was a butcher at the Esh Winning Co-op before he enlisted in 20th Battalion DLI. On 26 July 1916, 20 DLI planned a raid on the German trenches north of the River Lys. The raid was discovered and the raiders heavily shelled in No Man's Land. Private Lockey, whilst carrying a wounded man to safety, was hit in the spine by a shell splinter.

For his bravery Henry Lockey was awarded the Military Medal, but he never recovered from his wound and died in 1921, aged 27 years. He is buried in Wolsingham churchyard.

Whilst in hospital in Cambridge in 1916, Henry Lockey wrote the following letter to his mother about the action in which he was wounded.

"One chap was mortally wounded and asked to be taken away. It was like a hailstone-storm with shells, but I picked him up and managed to get him carried to our lines and was lowering him into the trench when a shell burst behind and hit me in the back; it knocked me into the air, and fell back into No Man's Land again. With the concussion of the shell I lost the use of my legs. I tried hard to get away. I knew more shells would drop there, but I could not. Well I had not laid long till another did drop and buried my legs with lumps of soil. I was there about an hour before I was got out. More than I expected, to be alive. I lay in the trench 3 hours before the stretchers came and our Major stayed with me all the time. The poor chap died that I carried out, he was in an awful mess. Well Old Fritz got one onto us that time, but we are not down-hearted yet. I think there would be about 70 of us wounded and killed together out of about 150. It was not long before I got the use of my legs. I think I was very lucky, and have nothing to grumble about. I am sorry it is so far away, but I will have to hurry up and get better and come and see you all. It is a treat being here. It is a big change from FRANCE."

Henry Waterloo Lockey

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