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Johnson Kaye Turnbull

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Johnson Kaye Turnbull was borm in West Hartlepool in 1897. As soon as the First World War began in August 1914, he enlisted in the 18th Battalion DLI - the Durham Pals - and joined "D" Company. On 1st July 1916 - the first day of the Battle of the Somme - "D" Company was the only part of 18 DLI to advance across No-Man's-Land. It was destroyed by German machine-gun and artillery fire and Private Turnbull was badly wounded in the spine. After six months in hospital, he was sent to work as a clerk on Alderney. During the Second World War he served as a Special Constable. Johnson Turnbull died at Harrogate in 1990, aged 93 years.
Johnson Kaye Turnbull

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