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Frederick Llewellyn Forsaith Rees

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Born in Ireland in 1891, he was at Durham University before the Great War. In 1914, he joined the 13th (Service) Battalion DLI and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. In early August 1916 he was badly wounded during the Battle of the Somme, when he led a bombing party up Munster Alley, clearing 60 yards of trench and taking five prisoners and then holding his new position throughout the night, despite repeated attacks. During this fighting he was badly wounded. For his bravery, he was awarded the Military Cross, which he received from King George V in December 1916 at Buckingham Palace. After his recovery he returned to 13 DLI in October 1917 and fought on the Western Front and later in Italy. Returning to the Western Front, he was badly wounded again on 5 October 1918. After the War he was ordained, finally retiring in 1970. Frederick Rees died in 1983, aged 92.
Frederick Llewellyn Forsaith Rees

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