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George Flannigan

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Born in 1906, he enlisted as a Regular soldier in the 1st Battalion DLI in 1926 and worked his way through the ranks, becoming Regimental Sergeant Major in 1940. He fought with 1 DLI in North Africa and Malta and in the disaster on Cos, October 1943, when 1 DLI was overwhelmed. He was awarded the Military Medal on Cos for carrying ammunition forward under heavy fire.

He was made Quartermaster of the new battalion and fought in Italy and Greece. He was awarded the MBE in 1945. He also served as Quartermaster to 1 DLI in the Korean War.

He retired in 1959 with the rank of Major (Quartermaster), becoming a publican in Durham City.

George "Flan" Flannigan died at Brandon in 1985, aged 79.

George Flannigan