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John Stoker

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Born in 1880, John Stoker joined the Volunteers in Sunderland before the Boer War, transferring to the 7th (Territorial) Battalion DLI in 1908. In April 1915, as Company Sergeant Major, he landed in France with 7 DLI and fought at the Second Battles of Ypres. He was awarded the Medaille Militaire in 1915 "For services rendered to to France" and in 1916 the Distinguished Conduct Medal "For conspicuous gallantry when in charge of a machine gun. For a period of 3 weeks he had no officer over him and his courage, energy and resource has been at all tomes of the highest standard." He was badly wounded in 1916. After the war he rejoined the Territorials, finally retiring in 1929. He died in Sunderland in 1966, aged 86.
John Stoker

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