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William Cecil Mason

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Born in 1890 in Shildon, he enlisted in the 2nd Battalion DLI in 1910 and was a player in the team that won the Army Football Cup in 1913. During the Great War, he served continuously from September 1914 to November 1918, first with 2 DLI as a Company Sergeant Major and, after 1917, as Regimental Sergeant Major of 19 DLI.

He was awarded the Military Medal for his bravery with 2 DLI in 1916 and the Distinguished Conduct Medal with 19 DLI in 1919 - "He has displayed great gallantry under fire, and his skill, initiative and gallant bearing have been a splendid example to all ranks".

After the war, he served with 1 DLI and at Fenham Barracks, before finally retiring in 1932.

Cis Mason died in 1962.

William Cecil Mason

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